Colin Wilson talks drum n bass on the new Attica Rage album

Monday 3rd September

As I lay on the couch with my cuppa tea and dressing gown on, on a Monday afternoon at 3.30, it should not take a lot to guess that I may be slightly sore from last night’s Scottish New Music Awards show.  A massive congratulations goes to Colin Wood, Dave Ritchie and Tom Russell for picking up their awards.  Well deserved, I think we shall all agree. Also congratulations for all the award winners from last night. A truly great night. Special thank you to all of you who voted for us and made it the night it was.

Now to business. As you all know we have been working our wee backsides to write, record and produce a new album before the year is out. I am pleased to confirm that all bass guitar and drums have now been successfully finished.

We started on Saturday morning. Up bright and early (well some of us) and raring to go. On a breakfast of Lucozade and caramel cups (real biscuit, not your usual sickly, sugary, treacley base) I was most certainly at my usual energetic best, to choruses of grumbles lol. To be honest I don’t think the guys will ever get used to my early-to-rise attitude. We had a tough day on Saturday, which is almost always the case on the first day of recording.  It sucks being bassist and drummer, you always have to go first haha.
I’d love to tell you what we started with but I’m not gonna spoil it for you all. You’re just gonna have to wait and see. Working to a ‘click’ or metronome, is bloody hard. We did however pick up the pace and managed to get about 4 songs done by 8pm. Probably not what you’d consider the most productive of days with regards to the time we have, but none the less, we shall “ keep this train rolling on”. Even if Bell is still sleepin.  Probably has something to do with the mountainous dollops of peanut butter he was slingin on bread.

On to the next day and to look at our “to do” list, I think even the guys will admit, it was a little touch n go. So into a breakfast of McD’s (caught by 1 minute btw and provided by the slept-in Bell as punishment) we set about the remaining songs with a spring in our step. I am also pleased to say, we absolutely nailed them. Richie was on fire right off the block.

It has to be said that one of the problems I’ve always had in the past is how the bass sounds in recording sessions. That was clearly not the case with Roddy. My first time meeting the man responsible for producing Road Dog and I must say, he went above and beyond all my expectations. It helps that he’s a huuuuuge Tool fan, that’s all I’m saying. Great to work with and he has the patience of a saint, certainly with me anyway.

The pressures on now folks, guitars and vocals still to come and then we play the waiting game. Still early days yet but we’re off to a flier. From 2 days of recording I can proudly say I can’t wait for you all to hear the finished result. Nothing holding us back now, the demon snare has been removed. Marko has broken my baseball bat and it’s now time for Jonny and Bell to bring the chunkage.

And last but by certainly no means least. Richie was wearing pyjamas, not lounge pants. There. I’m glad we cleared that up. Till next time



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Stevie Bell on new Attica album and past recording experiences

Good morning/afternoon/evening!

Stevie here. I’m currently in work and should be processing accounts or whatever office work I’m supposedly employed to do, but I’m genuinely WAY too excited about the forthcoming recording sessions, so I figured I’d waste some company time and type up a wee blog about the new album 😉

As most of you who have seen the Road Dog video diary will know, I’ve never made any secret about the fact that I hate recording. But I honestly can’t wait to get in there and tear into recording album number three!

Perhaps I’ve never enjoyed recording because my first experience of doing so back in high school wasn’t the most enjoyable. Then the Ruin Nation solos were a tad rushed, in terms of writing AND recording. But that’s because the album was almost fully recorded when I joined, the only thing missing was solos, so I didn’t want to waste the band’s time any further and cause even more delays by trying to perfect my lead parts. I had a few rough ideas for solos from playing some of the songs live at gigs, so when it came to recording I took a few takes at each and the best one stayed. The sessions for Road Dog were enjoyable, working in with Jonny and tag-teaming the guitar parts, but doing so after long days at college and being shattered at the end of the day, it was often pretty draining.

The whole Road Dog experience could be describe as draining, really. Not in a BAD way, it was just long and drawn out. More so than any of us expected. The first rehearsals and demo sessions started in September 2009. We recorded the drum parts in November 2009, the bass was wrapped up before the end of the year. But due to a busy 2010 with gigs and festivals galore, we were still recording come early 2011! You could say it was a bit of a saga. But the end result was well worth it!

Which brings me to my excitement at the potential end result of album number three! We’re working with Roddy again, at his newly built studio through in Clydebank. We also have a new bassist in, giving the band a new energy, some additional vocal power and some new songwriting ideas to work on. We also have a deadline, giving the band a bit of a kick up the backside!

I don’t wanna give too much away in terms of the recording process, but in order to contrast the huge epic sounds of Road Dog, we’re going for a more stripped back approach on this one. The bass and drums will be recorded LIVE in the studio, with the band rattling through a few takes and going with them. Rhythm guitars will be recorded over a few daytime sessions, with lead parts being recorded in the evenings. Vocals will be belted out at Jonny’s home studio while Roddy works on editing the instruments. Mixing and mastering after that, then BOOM! Album done and dusted within the space of a month.

I love that we’re doing it this way and I especially love that it’s happening in September! Van Halen recorded their immense debut in about three weeks, starting in September 1977. And I think it’s kinda cool that we started the Road Dog sessions in the September of 2009, then fast forward three years and here we are ready to record the follow up in September 2012!

As for the release date? Well, if a new Attica Rage album is on your Christmas list, let’s just say Santa will have plenty of time to get it into yer stocking… 😉

Anyway, suppose I should get back to the day job. That solitaire high score isn’t gonna beat itself!

Stevie Bell
Attica Axeman

Stevie Bell

Stevie Bell, Attica Rage (c) Sean Larkin

Colin Wilson says hello!

Okay, so I’d like to start by thanking every single Clan Attica member and beyond for your support and acceptance.  As I’ve mentioned before, it is an absolute honour to be a part of one of my favourite bands and even better that it’s with some very good mates. Thank you to all the bands and fans who showed their support in Liverpool and Mansfield, you made it a very memorable time for me and I’m chomping at the bit to knock them back with you all again.

As I’m sure you all know now, I come from 2 main bands, STITCH and HELLATUS. Those were some crazy times but I really feel these bands made me the musician I am today, so I’d like to take a moment to thank my other brothers Ian, Wullie, Dan, Stevie, Sami and John.

This year promises to be the biggest in Attica history and I’m sure there are more crazy times ahead.  At the moment we are working our socks off to get all the parts of your favourite songs tight as a gnats chuff lol.  It’s gotta be said that you don’t realise how hard it is to sing some of Jonny’s backing vocals from Road Dog but I can tell you it’s amazing when you nail them.  I’d love to fill you all in on some future gig dates and plans but I’ve been threatened with death if I do, so we shall remain mutually patient.

The new album is well on it’s way with regards to the song writing and I can tell you all now, you won’t be disappointed. Joining this band as a fan first and foremost gives me the fresh excitement needed. I swear I’m like a kid in a sweet shop every time I hear something new and the guys have been very welcoming with some of the material I have in mind for the album.

When I first got word of the job, I must admit the prospect of practising with the guys was a little daunting.  Not because the music was difficult but purely as I thought these guys are party animals, I can’t possibly keep up.  Ooooh how wrong I was, they’re actually quite a laid back bunch behind the scenes, which is imperative to saving up the energy for you guys n gals. Even if the cardigans and slippers were a bit much for me.

We have a new blog!  One of the many things said to me throughout this process that has got me scratching my prematurely balding hairline. I must admit though it’s very pretty lol. I’m still getting my head around how all this works but the guys thought it’d be a nice touch for me to present our first informal post on our new blog.  We hope this new blog serves you all well, now that it has replaced the old one on the MySpace graveyard.

And last but by absolutely no means least, I’d like to send my best wishes out to our departed brother Big C. Not a lot of people know this but the big man has been a constant inspiration to me over the years and I’m very proud to call him one of my nearest and dearest.  He has been so supportive of this move from start to finish and I thank you man.

Feel free to add me on facebook and get the chat. I don’t bite (well not hard anyway).

“Let the good times roll”

\m/ IRWT \m/


Colin & Big C when he jammed onstage with Stitch few years back