Colin Wilson talks drum n bass on the new Attica Rage album

Monday 3rd September

As I lay on the couch with my cuppa tea and dressing gown on, on a Monday afternoon at 3.30, it should not take a lot to guess that I may be slightly sore from last night’s Scottish New Music Awards show.  A massive congratulations goes to Colin Wood, Dave Ritchie and Tom Russell for picking up their awards.  Well deserved, I think we shall all agree. Also congratulations for all the award winners from last night. A truly great night. Special thank you to all of you who voted for us and made it the night it was.

Now to business. As you all know we have been working our wee backsides to write, record and produce a new album before the year is out. I am pleased to confirm that all bass guitar and drums have now been successfully finished.

We started on Saturday morning. Up bright and early (well some of us) and raring to go. On a breakfast of Lucozade and caramel cups (real biscuit, not your usual sickly, sugary, treacley base) I was most certainly at my usual energetic best, to choruses of grumbles lol. To be honest I don’t think the guys will ever get used to my early-to-rise attitude. We had a tough day on Saturday, which is almost always the case on the first day of recording.  It sucks being bassist and drummer, you always have to go first haha.
I’d love to tell you what we started with but I’m not gonna spoil it for you all. You’re just gonna have to wait and see. Working to a ‘click’ or metronome, is bloody hard. We did however pick up the pace and managed to get about 4 songs done by 8pm. Probably not what you’d consider the most productive of days with regards to the time we have, but none the less, we shall “ keep this train rolling on”. Even if Bell is still sleepin.  Probably has something to do with the mountainous dollops of peanut butter he was slingin on bread.

On to the next day and to look at our “to do” list, I think even the guys will admit, it was a little touch n go. So into a breakfast of McD’s (caught by 1 minute btw and provided by the slept-in Bell as punishment) we set about the remaining songs with a spring in our step. I am also pleased to say, we absolutely nailed them. Richie was on fire right off the block.

It has to be said that one of the problems I’ve always had in the past is how the bass sounds in recording sessions. That was clearly not the case with Roddy. My first time meeting the man responsible for producing Road Dog and I must say, he went above and beyond all my expectations. It helps that he’s a huuuuuge Tool fan, that’s all I’m saying. Great to work with and he has the patience of a saint, certainly with me anyway.

The pressures on now folks, guitars and vocals still to come and then we play the waiting game. Still early days yet but we’re off to a flier. From 2 days of recording I can proudly say I can’t wait for you all to hear the finished result. Nothing holding us back now, the demon snare has been removed. Marko has broken my baseball bat and it’s now time for Jonny and Bell to bring the chunkage.

And last but by certainly no means least. Richie was wearing pyjamas, not lounge pants. There. I’m glad we cleared that up. Till next time



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