Colin Wilson says hello!

Okay, so I’d like to start by thanking every single Clan Attica member and beyond for your support and acceptance.  As I’ve mentioned before, it is an absolute honour to be a part of one of my favourite bands and even better that it’s with some very good mates. Thank you to all the bands and fans who showed their support in Liverpool and Mansfield, you made it a very memorable time for me and I’m chomping at the bit to knock them back with you all again.

As I’m sure you all know now, I come from 2 main bands, STITCH and HELLATUS. Those were some crazy times but I really feel these bands made me the musician I am today, so I’d like to take a moment to thank my other brothers Ian, Wullie, Dan, Stevie, Sami and John.

This year promises to be the biggest in Attica history and I’m sure there are more crazy times ahead.  At the moment we are working our socks off to get all the parts of your favourite songs tight as a gnats chuff lol.  It’s gotta be said that you don’t realise how hard it is to sing some of Jonny’s backing vocals from Road Dog but I can tell you it’s amazing when you nail them.  I’d love to fill you all in on some future gig dates and plans but I’ve been threatened with death if I do, so we shall remain mutually patient.

The new album is well on it’s way with regards to the song writing and I can tell you all now, you won’t be disappointed. Joining this band as a fan first and foremost gives me the fresh excitement needed. I swear I’m like a kid in a sweet shop every time I hear something new and the guys have been very welcoming with some of the material I have in mind for the album.

When I first got word of the job, I must admit the prospect of practising with the guys was a little daunting.  Not because the music was difficult but purely as I thought these guys are party animals, I can’t possibly keep up.  Ooooh how wrong I was, they’re actually quite a laid back bunch behind the scenes, which is imperative to saving up the energy for you guys n gals. Even if the cardigans and slippers were a bit much for me.

We have a new blog!  One of the many things said to me throughout this process that has got me scratching my prematurely balding hairline. I must admit though it’s very pretty lol. I’m still getting my head around how all this works but the guys thought it’d be a nice touch for me to present our first informal post on our new blog.  We hope this new blog serves you all well, now that it has replaced the old one on the MySpace graveyard.

And last but by absolutely no means least, I’d like to send my best wishes out to our departed brother Big C. Not a lot of people know this but the big man has been a constant inspiration to me over the years and I’m very proud to call him one of my nearest and dearest.  He has been so supportive of this move from start to finish and I thank you man.

Feel free to add me on facebook and get the chat. I don’t bite (well not hard anyway).

“Let the good times roll”

\m/ IRWT \m/


Colin & Big C when he jammed onstage with Stitch few years back


New year, new blog and new bassist!

Happy New Year and welcome to the new official Attica Rage blog!

A new year and a new chapter for the band so we thought it was about time to move on from ye olde blog on our MySpace (remember that?!) and create our own dedicated space on t’internet to share all our latest news direct from Attica HQ with you.  In addition to the official news updates, we’ll also be posting random blogs full of rants, insights, opinions, recommendations, tour diaries and other general nonsense and personal contributions from each of the band members on an occasional and irregular basis, as and when we feel like it.

But now……here is the first BIG Attica news headline of 2012!!


We are pleased to announce and officially welcome Colin Wilson from Bellshill, Lanarkshire as our new bass guitarist.  Anyone who attended Attica’s gigs in December in Liverpool and Mansfield have already had a sneak preview of Colin when he was standing in on bass duties for us (if you’re a mailing list subscriber, look out for the new newsletter with bonus video content!).

Jonny: “We’ve known Colin for a few years now when he played with Stitch and Hellatus, so we already had a bond there but after the recent rehearsals and gigs with him, we knew he was the right person for the job.  He’s a pro bass player with great backing vocals and harmonies and is also a songwriter but most of all, he brings a fresh energy and enthusiasm to the band.”

Colin: “It’s an honour to be a part of this band – I’ve always been a fan so getting the chance to play the songs I already love with the band is even better. I look forward to meeting all the Clan Attica on tour and working on the new album!”

2011 was a busy year for us and saw the release of our second album ‘Road Dog’ on Rocksector Records, launched with a main-stage showcase at Hammerfest III in Wales.  Other festival highlights included Rock For Funds in Glasgow, helping to raise over £4000 for the Yorkhill Children’s Foundation; SOS Fest in Manchester; HRH RoadTrip in Ibiza and most notably opening the Metal Hammer stage to a massive audience turnout at the High Voltage Festival in London, sharing the bill with metal legends Judas Priest, Dream Theater, Slash and Thin Lizzy and others (check out the video diary & live clips here). We followed summer with a 12-date UK headline tour in September including our first visit to Northern Ireland at the amazing Diamond Rock Club in Ballymena and a special Glasgow homecoming show at the Classic Grand where we performed the Road Dog album live in full, accompanied by our buddies and guest musicians Dave Arcari on slide guitar, Christie Connor-Vernal on cello and Steve Lightbody on keyboards. The full set was filmed by Colin Wood Media for a future DVD release (more on that later). It was also very cool to have our mates Praying Mantis come up from London to play a special guest set (and our finale jam of AC/DC’s ‘Shot Down in Flames‘). In November, we unfortunately parted ways with our long-term bassist Big C, who felt he could no longer personally commit to the band with all our plans going forward into the new year and beyond, and so we started our search for a new bassist. We finished 2011 with a short UK tour supporting Die So Fluid (with guest bassist & fellow Coatbridge musician Mark Marshall doing a grand job) and the December headliner in Liverpool and the MetalGods TV christmas bash in Mansfield with Colin Wilson on bass trials!

Richie: “2012 is the start of a new chapter for us and with Colin now in place, we’re all just itching to get stuck in and get the Rage machine rolling again!”

With our line-up now complete, we’re getting back into the rehearsal studio to work on the live sets with Colin and we have also begun writing new material for our next album, with a release scheduled for later this year.  We’ll be touring extensively across the UK and Europe throughout the year with dates in Spring currently being booked along with summer festivals – we’ll post them here as soon as they are ready to be announced.  First up for us this year is our first visit to Belgium in March to headline the Wizzfest 2012 festival in Aalter on Saturday 24th March, with a warm-up gig at De Veerlichte Geest in Roeselare on Friday 23rd March, supporting 80s British metallers Chariot. Really looking forward to these!

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Here’s a pic of Colin with Richie, Bell & Jonny at the bar at the Intake Club, Mansfield in December (thanks to Sarah Jones for the pic)

Attica Rage 2012